$3 Million for new book

I think it absurd that anyone should write an autobiography at the age of 34. That sounds a bit premature, no? Nevertheless, Elliot Page has done it, or proposed to do so. I suppose that’s a better situation than we had with the singer, Jewell, who sprang her autobiography on us at the tender age of 19. But only just!

Page has closed a deal with $3 million for the book. Is that a payoff? That’s a lot of money for this trainwreck. Sure, it could be argued reasonably that this is an adventurous business gamble by a publisher willing to take risks for profits. But, is this a payoff?

That has to be asked, because one cannot have missed noticing these days how money is channeled in various ways to individuals favored by elites. One cannot have failed to notice this in light of Hunter Biden’s extraordinary new career as “major modern artist”. 

Book and art deals have quietly been a major vehicle to launder money and disguise payments for a very long time. A scandal over exactly this sort of thing rose up to take out a Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States once before. That was Speaker Jim Wright (D-TX), whose career imploded when it became apparent that his book sales were but a mere vehicle for friends to funnel money to him. At least in those days there was both a general public sense that this was corrupt, and also a public resolve not to tolerate it. Both of those conditions do not exist anymore, in view of Hunter Biden. The Biden’s corruption is brazen and really nobody is buying the lame official story. Yet no will exists anymore to do anything about it apparently. 

Well Page is a good candidate for such an operation. She’s still got use as an activist, and she could use some dough now that she’s torpedoed her once-promising career as actress for the sake of her political cause. 

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